Utilities and Services in Hampi

Here are some of the essential services at the small town of Hampi;

Money Transfer in Hampi

Hampi is a small village at the ruins in the northern Karnataka. It is closest to Hospet town and in bellary District. Most of the banks are situated in Hospet. For money change, one bank branch (canara bank) is located at the entrance of the Hampi Bazaar area which works from 11 to 2 everyday and has Wednesdays Holiday. It is close to Hampi bus stand, it does not have any ATMs , Therefore ideal is to draw money from ATM s at Hospet . Money transfer facilities for foreigners too are available in Hospet. They can use their Credit and debit cards in hotels or resorts of Hampi. Western  Money Transfer Agents in hampi help to excahange international money, pay utility bills in Hampi.

Panchayat Taluk in Hampi

Kamalapura is the panchayat town in Bellary district. It is located closer to Hospet, lies within the ruins of the old city of Vijayanagara just outside the Royal centre, It is mainly an agricultural town, but with the Panchayat office, we can get all the details required from this office, details regarding the water connections, sanitary connections, birth certificates, death certificates and property tax etc.

Telephone Services in Hampi

There are number of telephon booths in Hampi near the Hampi Bazaar area, like the other local areas like kamalapura and Anegondi squares. These telephones are attached to the tiny shops and selling the general provisions . Calls are metered and pay directly to shopkeeper as per the bills.

Post Offices in Hampi

Hampi is located just next to the Virupaksha Temple, facing the main entrance of the temple and on to the narrow lane. Regular letters and postal activities happen here. The letters that get posted here get an mark of the iconic Stone Chariot at Vittala Temple.

Post Office

Book Stalls in Hampi

Hampi Bazaar has a couple of bookshops , and can expect a set of great books, popular books. Most of the books are travel guides, and about Hampi. There are a lot of books which describe the rise and fall of Vijayanagara ruins. One of the main books stalls are at Virupaksha Temple. Tourist info centre and the museum at Kamalapur also sell travel guides.

General Stores in Hampi

There are numerous shops along Hampi Bazaar, that sells daily essentials, they sell toiletry and efficiency, and provide all necessary general items required for basic living in Hampi. Prices are also reasonable.

Travel Agents in Hampi

Since Hampi is an attractive tourist destination in India, there are many travel offices, travel guides that help the tourists view Hampi in an organized manner. They help in the ticket booking and hotel booking process too.

Pay your Bills

All bills of electricity and water bills  are paid by the agents or government organizations kiosks that help in the payment of the utility bills The big building such as museum and other architecture ruins have to maintain themselves with proper utility services  that are taken care by the government of Karnataka.
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