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Sports Facilities in Hampi

Hampi is a small village in the ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire, in northern Karnataka. Hampi is one of the most visited religious centers in India and has several monuments and temples belonging to the old city. Hampi is located on the banks of the Tungabhadra river which adds to the beauty and attracts a lot of tourists. Hampi Utsav, also known as Vijaya Utsav or the Festival of Hampi has been celebrated from the times of the Vijaynagar reigns. This festival attracts a lot of people from within India and outside  The festival attributes to the meg cultural extravaganza and sports activities. Some of the important sports in Hampi are:

Malkhamba Contest

This contest is the oldest in Hampi, It’s a traditional sport which a gymnasts performs on a rope or stick which is usually vertical. The vertical stick is referred to Malkamb in the sport.

Malakamb Competition

Traditional Weight Lifting Contest

Weightlifting in India is what this contest is all about. here visitors are made to lift stones, heavy rocks and wheels in the grand setting of Hampi.


This is also an old game of India, where a group of people stand on one side and another group the otherside and try to pull the people from each group by crossing the line which is drawn in the center . The  words "Kabadi Kabadi " keeps echoing throughout the game.


Hampi Wrestling Contest

During the festival all strong  men are invited and show their strength by wrestling with their hands and body in front of a group of people. Sometimes the blows are so hard that the teeth breaks, put on your eyes and disfigure faces and friends have to come to help them back home.

Cross Country Cycling

This is a race by cycles to brave through the paths that were travelled by the powerful kings of India. Here participants take part and win good prizes.

Hampi Heritage Trekking

Hampi known as World Heritage Site has lot of mountains, boulders and discover lot more tourist spots  to be visited by taking part in trekking and walking through the rocky valleys and River Tunga meander and enjoy the Heritage of Vijayanagar.

Kite-Flying Competition

People across the world and India come in to fly kites of different color and shape in the form of competition in Hampi.

Kite Flying

Shooting Competition

This competition is open to Men and Women  and the awardee is crowned as "Hampi Arjuna 2014".


This is the best and most common sport in Hampi. Hampi has a lot of boulders and rocks so it satisfies your hunch to bouldering. Reaching Out is an agency offering professional help in boudering, there are three hour or six hour long full training . The best thing of bouldering is that by nature it s the most environmental friendly sport and causes less damage to environment.

Some of the specific competitions during the Hampi Festival are;

Rural Sports Competition

  • Malakamb (pole)
  • Malakamb (rope)
  • Kabbadi(Male)
  • Kabbadi(Female)
  • Wheel Lifting
  • Stone Lifting
  • Power Lifting
  • Tug of War
  • Wrestling

Outbound Sports Competitions

  • Kite Flying Display (Highest Kite)
  • Kite Flying (Most Beautiful Kite)
  • Kite flying (Smallest kite)
  • Kite Flying (Largest kite)  
  • Kite Flying (Kite series) 
  • Kite flying (Kite wars) 

Interational Rock climbing (Male)

Interational Rock climbing (Female)

Air Rifle shooting (Male)

Air Rifle shooting (Female)

Air Rifle shooting (Differently Abled)

Fishermen's Coracle Race


Archery (Hampi Arjuna Male)

Archery (Hampi Arjuna Female)

Archery (Hampi Arjuna Differently Abled)

Cross country Cycling (with gear)

Cross country Cycling (without gear)

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