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Social Welfare Service in Hampi

Hampi, a small village in the north of Karnataka was once rich in its resources, culture and riches which had been conquered and destroyed by several kings and got to ruins and became a poor village. It is then that a few organizations have picked up the responsibility of restoring the history, culture, temples and monuments of Hampi. Some of the organizations that has helped Hampi recover are mentioned below;


United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization is a specialized organization of the UNO. Its main purpose is to organize peace, through education, culture, support and promote the underprivileged. It also fights for human rights and fundamental freedom proclaimed in the UN Charter. It is the writ of International League, has 195 member states and nine associate members. Its major programs are education, natural sciences, social and human sciences, culture and communication. Some of the projects undertaken in Hampi are restoration of ruins, documents related to that city, literacy, teacher training, technical programs, freedom of press, cultural and regional projects and promotion of cultural diversity. Hampi has been declared as a World Heritage Site.

UNESCO House, Hampi
UNESCO House, Hampi

Global Heritage Fund Efforts

Global Heritage Fund, Hampi Foundation, Comell University and the State Govt. of Karnataka are in partnership as a non-profitable organization. Its main purpose is to conserve the cultural heritage and temples which are in ruins, one such temple is the Chandramouleshwara Temple, efforts are on to stabilize the infrastructure and associated features.

Hampi Children Trust

Major aim of this organization is to improve education of the young children in Hampi and surrounding areas. They work with the volunteers from age group of 14 to 16 yrs, who have not received education in the past due to several reasons, mainly financial. The trust helps them by giving free education, food for them healthcare and emotional support. There are more than 40 children in Hampi as of now to start. Some of the things provided or taken care by the trust are:
  • School uniforms and essential educational materials. The children are enrolled to the government school, by paying their annual fees.
  • Healthcare, dental care and medical treatment for the children.
  • A teacher is organized to help them with their homework and extra actviies.
  • A cook to provide three meals a day , six days a week
  • An out of school program that help the children develop the children life skills through special projects like art and yoga classes.

Hampi children trust, Hampi


Relationship between heritage and livelihood is very strange, as efforts to conserve the heritage and traditional settings impose certain difficulties, in improving the livelihood; as there is no possibility of construction, no widening of roads or further projects. As such heritage is often perceived by the locals as a hindrance in development rather than being an enforcement. The Kiskinda trust brings a good solution to this issue by bringing in locals into heritage based small scale business. Among the trust many programs is the reuse of traditional old houses as tourists facilities. They take up the place renovate and make it up for business in tourism.

The Kiskinda trust works with a insight that any heritage which is taken up for development should benefit the people of Hampi or Anegundi specifically. They help them economically, culturally and socially. The trust has joined hands with the UNESCO and ministry of tourism and developed lot of heritage sites and made employment to lot of women and men in Hampi. The trust also organizes the marketing of the small scale products made by the people of the trust all over Hampi and beyond thus enabling employment opportunities.

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